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Cylindrical rubber fender

Cylindrical rubber fender

High energy absorption and low reaction force. Higher stress dispersion and long service life. It can be installed firmly and replaced easily.
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    Products of other size can be manufactured at user' s request
    Type Design Compressive Deflection% Preformance
    KN KJ Tolerance
    Y150X1000 50 44.1  72.6  1.5  2.3  土10
    Y200X1000 59.8  95.1  2.6  4.2 
    Y250X1000 74.6  120.0  4.1  6.5 
    Y300X1000 89.3  143.2  5.9  9.4 
    Y400X1000 118.7  191.0  10.4  16.6 
    Y500X1000 148.1  239.0  16.1  26.2 
    Y600X1000 178.5  286.0  23.5  37.3 
    Y700X1000 208.0  334.0  31.4  50.0 
    Y800X1000 237.4  382.5  41.2  65.7 
    Y900X1000 267.8  430.0  52.0  84.3 
    Y1000X1000 297.2  479.0  63.8  103.0 
    Y1200X1000 363.0  574.0  95.2  152.0 
    Y1400X1000 421.8  670.0  127.5  207.5 
  • Rated Deflection 50%
    Type KN KJ
    Y150 Standard Reaction Force(RO) 46 1.5 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 74 2.3 
    Y200 Standard Reaction Force(RO) 62 2.7 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 97 4.3 
    Y250 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 76 4.2 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 123 6.6 
    Y300 Standard Reaction Force(RO) 92 6.0 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 146 9.7 
    Y400 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 122 10.6 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 195 17.2 
    Y500 Standard Reaction Force(RO) 152 16.4 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 245 27.0 
    Y600 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 182 24.1 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 293 38.2 
    Y700 Standard Reaction Force(RO) 21 2 32.2 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 342 53.3 
    Y800 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 244 42.3 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 390 69.2 
    Y900 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 273 53.1 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 442 87.3 
    Y1000 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 303 65.4 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 490 108.2 
    Y1200 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 375 98.0 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 589 155.0 
    Y1400 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 434 1.30.3
    High Reaction Force(R1) 685 216.2 
    Y1600 Standard Reaction Force(R0) 495 173.5 
    High Reaction Force(R1) 785 276.4 


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More information about Cylindrical rubber fender
Product Features of Cylindrical Rubber Fender
Cylindrical rubber fenders are a popular type of rubber fender used in marine applications to protect vessels and other structures from impacts and collisions. Here are some of the key product features of cylindrical rubber fenders:
1. High Energy Absorption: Cylindrical rubber fenders are designed to absorb high amounts of energy during impacts, providing excellent protection against collisions with large vessels and structures.
2. Low Reaction Force: Cylindrical rubber fenders have a low reaction force, meaning that they do not push back with a significant amount of force when impacted. This helps to reduce the risk of damage to both the fender and the vessel or structure being protected .
3. Easy to Install: Cylindrical rubber fenders are easy to install and can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on the specific application. They can also be installed in a variety of configurations to accommodate different mooring arrangements.
4. Durable and Long-Lasting: Cylindrical rubber fenders are made from high-quality rubber compounds that are resistant to wear and tear, UV radiation, and the effects of saltwater exposure. This makes them highly durable and long-lasting in marine environments.
5. Wide Range of Sizes: Cylindrical rubber fenders are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different vessel types and sizes. They can also be customized to meet specific requirements.
6. Cost-Effective: Cylindrical rubber fenders are a cost-effective solution for protecting vessels and structures in marine environments. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and have a long service life, making them a cost-effective investment over the long term.
The product features of cylindrical rubber fenders make them a popular choice for marine applications where reliable and effective protection against impacts and collisions is essential.

The Difference Between Custom Cylindrical Rubber Fender
The main difference between custom cylindrical rubber fenders and standard cylindrical rubber fenders is that custom fenders are designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements and applications, while standard fenders are mass-produced and have a standard set of specifications.
Custom cylindrical rubber fenders are designed to meet the specific needs of a particular application, such as a specific vessel size or berthing configuration. This may require the fender to be made in a non-standard size or shape, or to have specific features such as extra reinforcing or a different attachment system. Custom fenders are usually manufactured on a made-to-order basis and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer.
Standard cylindrical rubber fenders, on the other hand, are mass-produced and have a standard set of specifications. They are designed to fit a broad range of applications and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Standard fenders are manufactured in large quantities and are usually readily available for purchase from suppliers.
The main difference between custom and standard cylindrical rubber fenders is that custom fenders are designed and manufactured to meet specific needs and requirements, while standard fenders are mass-produced to fit a broad range of applications.